We produce energy in an environmentally friendly way and help make the world cleaner

Sustainable and responsible tomorrow

Clean and carbon-neutral energy production has become a global ambition. Green energy is the fastest and most rational way to zero carbon emissions.

We need more environmentally friendly and reliable ways of providing us with enough renewable electricity.

Enefit Green is moving towards this goal and works on a daily basis to ensure that we all have enough electricity from renewable energy in the future. Increasing the use of green electricity, for example in transport, housing or agriculture, is the easiest way to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Environmentally sustainable production

Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing energy sectors that is becoming increasingly competitive.

Enefit Green aims to produce energy in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.

The long-term action plan of our owner Eesti Energia sees that there should be a transition to fully-renewable electricity production. Enefit Green has a key role to play in achieving this goal.

The strategy is growth-oriented

Enefit Green is constantly looking for new ways to expand its renewable energy production.

We are developing renewable energy projects in all our home markets – the Baltic states, Poland and Finland. Our key goal is to expand wind and solar energy production.

In order to increase our production of renewable energy, we have launched new wind farm development projects in Estonia and Lithuania.

We are also involved in various solar energy development projects. We expect the largest growth in solar energy from Poland. In parallel, we are offering solar energy solutions to customers in all our home markets.

We are increasing our renewable energy production

Our focus is on expanding the production of wind and solar energy

Our growth plan includes the Baltic states, Poland and Finland

The goal is to increase renewable energy production capacity 2.3-fold by 2025 to 1.1 GW

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