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We have years of experience

We have years of experience

Enefit Green owns a modern pellet production together with a biomass cogeneration plant in Brocēni, Latvia.

Pellet production in Brocēni started under SIA Pellet 4Energia in December 2016. From 4 February 2021, the pellet plant started operating under Enefit Green SIA. The capacity of the plant is 160,000 tons of pellets per year.

Production complex

The production facility consumes natural energy resources – forest chips, sawdust and bark, as a result providing environmentally friendly energy for self-consumption and export in the form of pellets.

The research shows that about 10 million m3 of woodchip equivalent remain/rot in the Latvian forest every year. The Brocēni plant will be in sync with nature and forest utilising low-value timber, cleaning and tidying forests and the environment. It will exist in synergy and harmony with natural processes.

About Broceni Power Plant

The Broceni pellet porduction complex includes a biomass-fuelled CHP plant.

The plant's annual electricity output is 33.3 gigawatt-hours that is sold to the Latvian grid and covers the annual electricity needs of 11,100 average-consumption households.

Its annual heat output is 125 gigawatt-hours that is supplied to the pellet plant complex.

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