Sales of heat

In addition to electricity, we produce heat from biomass

We produce heat in our CHP plants

We produce heat in our CHP plants

Enefit Green produces heat in four combined heat and power plants: Iru Power Plant in Tallinn, Paide Power Plant, Valka Power Plant and Broceni Power Plant.

Our four co-generation plants that produce heat

We have one of the cheapest prices for heat

The price cap for heat sold from the Iru waste-to-energy power plant, which supplies Tallinn and Maardu, is EUR 7,89 megawatt-hour plus VAT from 1 February 2021. This is indisputably one of the lowest prices for heat sold in Estonia.

All the heat produced in Tallinn is sold to Utilitas Tallinn, which in turn sells it to end customers.

In Valka, Enefit Green's customer is the City of Valka, and the heat produced at the Broceni CHP plant is consumed by our pellet plant there.

In Paide, we sell our heat directly to consumers

In Paide, Enefit Green supplies the heat directly to end consumers. As of February 21st, 2022, the applicable price for heat in Paide is 62,59 €/MWh plus VAT.

Enefit Green’s heat sales terms and conditions in Paide (pdf) »

Reporting the heat reading in paide

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