Our ambition is to lead the way

Open and collaborative leadership supports our goals

The mutual ambition of Enefit Green's Management Board and Supervisory Board is to lead the company in such a way that it sets a good example for other companies. This includes strategic clarity, good management practices, effective operations and economic performance, as well as successful collaboration with all target groups.

Fair and caring operation is the basis of our management principles

Responsible governance

We follow all legislation concerning our operations and Enefit Green's internal regulations. We also apply international management system standards such as ISO.

As a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, we share the group's vision and values. In several areas, we have decided to apply uniform principles established in Eesti Energia Group to avoid duplication.

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Code of Ethics for Partners »
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Principles of remuneration of the members of the Management Board of Enefit Green AS »
Enefit Green Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (PDF) »
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Enefit Green Management System Certificate ISO 45001:2018 (PDF) »

Unethical behavior can be reported

Illegal, unethical and/or fraudulent behavior can be reported:

  • by notifying the Fraud Risk Management Department orally, by phone (466 6000), or by e-mail (;
  • by notifying the law firm serving the group by phone (640 7199) or by e-mail (

Dedicated team

People are our greatest value, enabling us to develop renewable energy and move together towards a greener future.

When leading people, we make sure that each team member understands the importance of their work and sees its connection with the company's strategy. 

Enefit Green's international team consists of talented people whose commitment exceeds the average of both the energy sector and the industrial sector. Our employees stand out with a firm belief in the future of the company.

Our team members’ long-term experience in the field of renewable energy, professionalism, customer-centric and innovative mind are the basis for the implementation of our growth strategy.

We think in terms of business, are result-oriented, and focus on long-term benefits. We value expertise and personal development. We maintain good communication, contribute to career development opportunities, and dare to take responsibility. We are actively engaged in securing the existence of future employees.

We involve all employees in the development of the company – we conduct pulse surveys as well as annual commitment and cooperation survey.

More about the people

A four-member board is responsible for managing Enefit Green.

The chairman of the Management Board is also the CEO of the company.

The Management Board includes members responsible for production, finance and development.

Aavo Kärmas

Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer

CV »

Innar Kaasik

Member of Management Board, Chief Operating Officer

CV »

Veiko Räim

Member of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer

CV »

Andres Maasing

Member of the Board, Chief Development Officer

The Supervisory Board of Enefit Green is a management body that plans the activities of the company, organizes the management and supervises the activities of the Management Board.

The Supervisory Board consists of five members.

Andrus Durejko

Member of the Supervisory Board

CV »

Anne Sulling

Independent member of the supervisory board

CV »

Marlen Tamm

Member of the Supervisory Board

CV »

Kristjan Kuhi

Member of the Supervisory Board

CV »

Erkki Raasuke

Independent member of the supervisory board

CV »

The Audit Committee is an advisory body established by the Supervisory Board of Enefit Green.

The role of the Committee is to advise the Supervisory Board of Enefit Green in the areas of accounting, auditing, risk management, internal control and internal audit, supervision and budgeting, as well as the legality of operations.

The Committee consists of three members elected by the Supervisory Board for a term of three years.

Erkki Raasuke

Chairman of the Audit Committee

CV »

Anne Sulling

Member of the Audit Committee

CV »

Raine Pajo

Member of the Audit Committee

CV »


Enefit Green

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100% owned by Enefit Green AS

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Enefit Green has a minority stake in the following companies: Team Paldiski OÜ, Empower 4 Wind OÜ

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