Wind energy developments

The biggest growth in the coming years will come from Lithuania

We are developing wind energy

We are constantly looking for ways to expand our renewable energy production. Increasing wind energy production is one of our key goals.

There are several facts that speak in favor of wind energy. It is free and never runs out, it does not emit greenhouse gases or pollutants. It uses almost no water, and the energy used to produce the wind turbine is compensated in less than a year.

We have an ambitious growth plan for onshore and offshore wind farms, for the implementation of which we have launched several development projects in Estonia and Lithuania. We also have a development project in Finland.

We are monitoring wind energy development opportunities in all our home markets and realizing them one by one as we achieve certainty in the future cash flow of each specific project.

We care for the environment and communities

Energy production is moving closer to communities and consumers. Enefit Green's principle in developing wind farms is that communities are our partners.

We pay attention to the development of the regions where we operate daily or where we wish to develop renewable energy. The well-being of the environment and local communities is at the heart of our business.

We believe that well planned, located and managed wind farms have a minimal impact on the environment.

When launching new development projects, we evaluate the possible consequences of each project on the environment. Also the ways in which they can affect communities.

We rely on in-depth environmental impact assessment studies to help identify potentially significant environmental impacts and ways to mitigate them.

We believe that constructive dialogue and cooperation with local communities will lead to the best possible results in the development of wind energy.

We develop wind energy with long-term electricity sales agreements

A long-term wind power agreement, or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an innovative solution that helps businesses to comfortably switch over to consuming renewable energy and to reduce electricity costs at the same time.

It enables to fix the price of electricity for a desired period on favorable terms and to keep electricity costs at a low and stable level. Choosing renewable energy gives you the opportunity to make your business activities more environmentally friendly and to know exactly in which Baltic wind farm the electricity is produced.

Renewable energy producers in turn receive security for the sale of their output and for the implementation of their development projects.

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Our development principles

The community is our partner

We create joint workgroups with the aim of building new developments that include the communities and key stakeholders

We do not create a significant negative impact on the environment

We carry out thorough and comprehensive environmental impact studies and involve experts with diverse experience at both local and international level

We use the best possible technology

In our plans, we consider possible future scenarios so that we should not have to limit ourselves when using the most modern and best technology.

We find synergies with other fields

We help communities plan their green journeys in a personal and flexible way

We involve best international practices

We are the leaders, and we involve the best international partners

Meie arendusprojektid

We develop wind energy in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania

We have development projects at different stages of development both on land and at sea

Environmental impact assessment

We develop wind farms consistent with national strategic plans as well as established planning requirements and principles. In developing new solar and wind farms, we assess each project’s possible environmental and human impacts. We also analyse the potential wider impact on the community. As part of the planning process, we carry out a thorough environmental impact assessment by which we identify significant environmental impacts and ways for their mitigation.

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