Wind energy

We are the largest wind energy producer in the Baltics

Our wind parks are located in Estonia and Lithuania

Enefit Green owns 22 wind parks in Estonia and Lithuania with the total of 165 wind turbines. The total capacity of all wind park is 398 MW, which yearly produce about 1 TW/h of electricity.

This amount could supply more than 330,000 homes with an average consumption per year. Compared to electricity produced from oil shale, approximately 940,000 tons of CO2 per year are left unemitted at this production volume.

Toodame täna tuuleenergiat Eestis ja Leedus

We currently produce wind energy in Estonia and Lithuania

Enefit Green owns 22 wind farms in Estonia and Lithuania with a total capacity of 397.75 MW.

Leedu tuulepark

Our biggest wind park is located in Lithuania

Enefit Green's biggest wind park is located in Šilute, Lithuania, and it was completed in 2016. The wind park consists of 24 2.5 MW wind turbines with the total capacity of 60 MW. Its prognosed annual capacity is 230 gigawatt-hours of electricity, which can supply the annual electricity needs of more than 76,600 homes.

Aulepa tuulepark

Estonia's largest wind park is located in Aulepa, Läänemaa

The largest park in Estonia is Aulepa Wind park in Lääne County with a total capacity of 48 MW. Aulepa's 16 wind turbines produce about 80 gigawatt-hours of electricity which can supply about 26,600 regular homes for one year.

Three exciting facts about wind energy production

A wind turbine starts working at an average wind speed of 3.5 m/s

Good wind energy production is obtained at 10+ m/s, and the ideal wind speed for wind energy production is approx. 12-13 m/s

In extreme conditions with winds of approx. 25 m/s and stronger, wind turbines are stopped to spare them

Enefit Green's biggest growth comes from wind energy

Wind energy is what creates the basis for the company's long-term growth. We have 19 years of experience that we can use for building wind parks in our home markets. We have developed an ambitious growth plan for wind energy developments, consisting of several projects.

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Take a virtual tour at the wind and solar park in Paldiski

We have prepared an exciting tour so that you can go on a ride on the wind turbine nacelle and on a walk at the solar park, the annual electricity output of which is equivalent to the average annual consumption of 300 Estonian homes.

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