The environment

We ensure a smaller environmental footprint

A cleaner environment for future generations

We feel we have more responsibility than just the task of producing renewable electricity. We wish to ensure a cleaner environment and help reduce the global CO2 footprint. The more producers and consumers of renewable energy, the less carbon dioxide is emitted.

We are developing renewable energy so that we all have enough electricity from renewable sources in the future. Increasing the use of green energy, for example in transport, housing or agriculture, is the easiest way to reduce the CO2 footprint.

We care about the environment

We believe that through skillful planning, the impact of new renewable energy development projects on the environment and communities is minimal, and they can be integrated into the living environment.

When launching new renewable energy development projects, we evaluate the possible consequences of each project on the environment and people. Also the ways in which they can affect communities.

We rely on in-depth environmental impact assessments to help identify potentially significant environmental impacts and ways to mitigate them.

A systematic and integrated approach

We base our actions and decisions on environmental policy that provides us with a framework. We avoid environmental pollution and minimize the environmental impact of the company's activities.

We follow the ten points of our environmental principles that help to take account of the surrounding environment.

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We address environmental issues systematically and with a long-term perspective.

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Enefit Green bases its operations on an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 standard

We give new life to former industries

We help to breath new life into former industries where operations have ended. So, the closed ash field of Balti Power Plant has started a new life with us building the Narva Wind Farm there. Similarly to an old mining area where we now produce green energy in the Laaskõrve Solar Park.

Objects reminiscent of the oil shale energy footprint have become the foundation for units generating renewable energy. No square metre of forest or arable land has been used to build these wind farms and solar parks, and the former industrial areas have received a new application.

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