Solar energy developments

The biggest growth in the coming years will come from Poland

We are developing solar energy

We are constantly looking for ways to expand our renewable energy production. Increasing solar energy production is one of our key goals.

The use of solar energy is gaining momentum in the world, as there are many facts that speak in favor of it. It is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy.

We have an ambitious solar energy growth plan, for the implementation of which we have launched several development projects in Estonia and Poland.

We are monitoring solar energy development opportunities in all our home markets and realizing them one by one as we achieve certainty in the future cash flow of each specific project.

We care for the environment and communities

Energy production is moving closer to communities and consumers. Enefit Green's principle in developing solar farms is that communities are our partners.

We pay attention to the development of the regions where we operate daily or where we wish to develop renewable energy. The well-being of the environment and local communities is at the heart of our business.

We believe that well-planned, located and managed solar farms have minimal impact on the environment.

When launching new development projects, we evaluate the possible consequences of each project on the environment. Also, the ways in which they can affect communities.

We rely on in-depth environmental impact assessment studies to help identify potentially significant environmental impacts and ways to mitigate them.

We believe that constructive dialogue and cooperation with local communities will lead to the best possible results in the development of solar energy.

Solar parks under construction and projects in near term development pipeline

Enefit Green is building five solar parks with a total capacity of 97 MW in Estonia, Latvia, and Poland.

Zambrow Debnik Austrum
Total capacity 9 MW 6 MW 6 MW
Estimated annual production approx. 9.6 GWh approx. 6 GWh approx. 6 GWh
Panel producer Risen Canadian Solar Leapton
Technology Bifacial, half cut, PERC Bifacial, half cut, PERC Bifacial, TopCon, half cut, double glass
Number of panels 16 280 9 188 8 794
Construction partner P&Q Sp. z o. o.
Investment approx. €6m approx. €4m approx. €2.7m
Expected completion Q1 2023 Q1 2024 Q4 2024
Additional information Environmental impact assessment » Environmental impact assessment »
Dzerves Sopi
Total capacity 11 MW 74 MW
Estimated annual production approx. 12 GWh approx. 77 GWh
Panel producer Recom Risen Energy Co Ltd.
Technology Bifacial, TopCon, half cut, double glass Bifacial, half cut
Number of panels 16 967 111 608
Investment approx. €5.5m approx. €43m
Expected completion Q4 2024 Q4 2025

Our development principles

The community is our partner

We create joint workgroups with the aim of building new developments that include the communities and key stakeholders.

We do not create a significant negative impact on the environment

We carry out thorough and comprehensive environmental impact studies and involve experts with diverse experience at both local and international level.

We use the best possible technology

In our plans, we consider potential future scenarios so that we should not have to limit ourselves when using the most modern and best technology.

We find synergies with other fields

We help communities plan their green journeys in a personal and flexible way.

We involve best international practices

We are the leaders, and we involve the best international partners.

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