People are our greatest value

Our international team consists of dedicated talents whose long-term experience in the field of renewable energy, professionalism, customer-centric thinking and innovation are the basis for the implementation of our growth strategy.

We think business wise, are result-oriented, and focus on long-term benefits. We value expertise and personal development. We maintain good communication, contribute to career development opportunities, and dare to take responsibility.

We care about our people therefore improve employee's experience

We encourage to grow to change the future energy world

We invent
We question stagnation and look for new technologies and solutions. Innovation is based on testing, making mistakes and learning from it

We grow
We value and encourage employees to develop themselves and be curious

We launch
We all have the opportunity to take responsibility and be a leader in influential issues

We care
We focus on a supportive and employee-friendly work style in order for our employees to succeed

We promote our company culture with care and gratitude

We are constantly renewing the culture of our organization. Our goal is to create an environment that supports innovative thinking. We value cooperative relationships based on partnership.

We encourage open communication and sharing of experiences. We inspire employees to express their opinions and participate in the development of our organization.

We believe that high management quality is the basis of a functioning culture

High management quality and its continuous development are important to us. We support our managers with various development programs and trainings.

When leading teams, we follow our management principles and standpoints. We encourage managers to hold regular 1:1 meetings so that our people are well taken care of, empowered, and engaged in common goals.

We grow through self-development to change the energy world of tomorrow

Every employee and their personal development is important to us. We support learning culture and offer opportunities for the continuous development of personal competencies that meet all needs.

As an international company, we offer our employees equal opportunities to receive development activities. Trainings and workshops are held in Estonian, Russian and English.

The work of our dedicated people has an impact on the entire Baltic Sea region

We involve all employees in the development of the company – we conduct pulse surveys as well as annual commitment and cooperation surveys.

Loyal and involved employees are the greatest value to our company – through people, the business is constantly evolving and sustainable.

Equal opportunities in our recruitment journey

Value-based recruitment is an important part of our business. We treat all candidates equally, regardless of their nationality, citizenship, age, gender, religion or health. We follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing the data of candidates and employees.

Our recruitment policy does not check a candidate's creditworthiness. However, a general background check is carried out – the aim is to ensure the good reputation and background of new employees. We care for and keep our people as ambassadors of the company – background check is necessary in terms of their tasks, responsibilities, special tasks, expectations and opportunities.

We have appropriate and legal employment contracts with all employees.

We treat everyone with courtesy, respect and care

Uniform standards of conduct are formed in our organization by the Code of Ethics that supports employees in resolving ethical dilemmas and in choosing the right demeanour.

There is zero tolerance for violations of the Code of Ethics. This means that all violations are responded to in a way and by means that is in accordance with the nature and circumstances of the case. The commitment of our employees is the key to customer satisfaction and group success.

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