Social responsibility

We value communities and the well-being of the environment

We want our actions to be in harmony with the promotion of society and the environment

We feel we have more responsibility than just the task of producing renewable electricity. We recognize our role in moving towards a cleaner environment and a more sustainable world.

That is why we have responsibility in mind when managing the company and giving a positive charge to the environment and society.

Two areas we focus on


Our goal is to raise the interest of young people in the field of energy and to contribute to the widespread of energy knowledge.

We work together with higher education and vocational training institutions to ensure future employees with the necessary skills and knowledge, and to contribute to the development of learning processes.

We visit schools as guest lecturers to share our professional experiences in renewable energy. We offer young people internship opportunities to gain experience.

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We pay attention to the development of the regions where we operate daily or where we wish to develop renewable energy. The well-being of local communities is at the heart of our business.

We maintain close contact with local communities and local government representatives. We support the economic and cultural development of local areas through associations established in cooperation with local governments.

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