Enefit Green

One of the leading growth-oriented renewable energy companies in the Baltic Sea region

We are a subsidiary of the Eesti Energia group, owned by the Estonian state

Enefit Green was established in 2016 to consolidate all of Eesti Energia's renewable energy production units into a single company. Since October 21 2021, the company shares have been listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

The shareholders of the company are:
77% Eesti Energia
23% investment funds, pension funds, retail investors

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Enefit Green is committed to providing environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional energy produced from fossil sources. We have grown into one of the leading growth-oriented renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea region.

We operate in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Latvia, with a focus on profitable development of new wind and solar power generation capacities in these markets. Our shares are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange and we have 64,000 shareholders.


To produce renewable energy and deliver green transition based on electrification.


By 2026 we will be the largest renewable energy producer in the Baltics and a rapidly growing renewable energy company in Poland.

We have a diversified production portfolio

We produce renewable energy from


We have 23 wind parks in Estonia and Lithuania

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We have a total of 42 solar power parks in Estonia and Poland

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Mixed municipal waste

We produce heat and electricity from mixed municipal waste that cannot be recycled at our energy power plant in Iru

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We produce hydropower at a small hydroelectric power plant in Keila-Joa

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Strong development pipline

We have a strong short- and long-term development portfolio, consisting of onshore and offshore wind and solar farms of around 4,900 MW. We have extensive development and operating experience and good access to capital markets.

Our efforts are supported by society’s growing demand for renewable electricity and rapid development of technologies. The importance of hybrid solutions, storage and hydrogen technologies, and offshore wind farms is going to increase.

We are international

Enefit Green's production units are located in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In addition, we have a development project in Finland. We have a total of 22 wind parks, 38 solar power parks, four CHP plants, a pellet plant and a hydroelectric power plant.

We are developing renewable energy and helping to make the world a cleaner place

Our ambition is to develop renewable energy and be the fastest growing renewable energy company in the Baltic Sea region. We provide environmentally friendly energy and help make the world cleaner.

We have 19 years of experience

Enefit Green's production history goes back 19 years. We started producing renewable energy at Eesti Energia already in 2002 when we installed our first modern wind turbine in Virtsu.

All our energy for the benefit of a greener future

We work every day to ensure that we all have enough electricity produced from renewable energy in the future. In our daily work, we proceed from the following values:

Beneficial for the customers

We can only be successful if we create value for customers.

Growing value

We focus primarily on activities that create greater value.

From complexity to simplicity

We make complex things simple and understandable.

Safety foremost

Our activities are always associated with risks to the environment and human health. Therefore, we always consider occupational safety, health and the environment.

It depends on me

My energy, will and responsibility ensure that common goals will be achieved.