The five wind turbines of the Purtse wind farm have delivered their first electricity to the grid

The five wind turbines of the Purtse wind farm have delivered their first electricity to the grid

Enefit Green's new Purtse wind farm in Eastern Estonia has started production and all five wind turbines have successfully delivered their first supply of electricity to the grid.

According to Lauri Ulm, the Head of Wind Developments at Enefit Green, electricity production at the new wind farms is started as soon as possible. ‘Active configuration and testing of the Purtse wind turbines will continue over the coming months before the park is fully ready. At the same time, the wind turbines, are already partially producing electricity that reaches consumers,’ he said.

According to Ulm, the company is working hard to rapidly increase electricity production. ‘The more wind energy is produced; the cheaper electricity is for the consumer. Therefore, building wind and solar farms in Estonia and neighboring countries is the most effective way to lower the price of electricity,’ he said.

The Purtse wind farm in the municipality of Lüganuse is the first to be built in Estonia in several years. The output of the 21MW wind farm which has five wind turbines will cover the annual electricity needs of 14,000 homes.

A 32 MW solar farm will also be built next to the wind farm, where work is currently underway with the goal of starting production in the spring.

Enefit Green is building six new wind farms in total with work in Purtse being the furthest along. In Lithuania, the 43 MW Šilale II wind farm has also supplied its first electricity to the grid, with 11 out of 12 wind turbines in operation. In the much larger 75 MW Akmene wind farm the first turbines have also produced their first supply of electricity. In the 72 MW Tolpanvaara wind farm in Northern Finland, the foundation works have been completed and the installation of wind turbines will start in the second quarter.

This year Enefit Green started to build two new wind farms. The area of the largest wind farm in Estonia, Sopi-Tootsi, is currently undergoing land improvement works. Preliminary work has also started on the 80 MW Kelme I wind farm in Lithuania.

Watch the construction videos of Enefit Green's new wind farms:

From the arrival of the Purtse wind turbine parts at the Paldiski port to the erection of the wind turbines: Construction of the Purtse wind farm.

A time-lapse of the construction of the foundations of the Purtse wind farm.

Watch the video of the Tolpanvaara wind farm construction.

Watch the video of the the installation of wind turbines in Šilale II.

Watch the video of the Šilale II wind farm construction site.

First electricity at Šilale II: Enefit Green’s Šilale II wind farm on the week of first electricity to the grid.