Together we will make the world a cleaner place

We will increase our renewable energy production 

Our growth plan includes the Baltic states, Poland and Finland

Our focus is on expanding the production of wind and solar energy

Our goal is to increase renewable energy production capacity more than 4-fold to 1.9 GW by 2026


We have more responsibility than just the task of producing renewable electricity. We recognize our role in moving towards a cleaner environment and a more sustainable world. 

We wish to ensure a cleaner environment and help reduce the global CO2 footprint.

We believe that through skillful planning, new renewable energy development projects will have a minimal impact on the environment and communities. It is important to us that our activities are in line with the promotion of the environment and society.

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We currently produce renewable energy in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland

We own in these four countries a total of 23 wind farms, 41 solar power plants, 3 CHP plants, and a hydroelectric plant.