Solutions for customers

Let green energy into your life

Together towards a greener future

Wider use of green electricity, for example in housing or agriculture, is the easiest solution to achieving carbon neutrality.

We offer various solutions for both private and business customers in all our home markets.

Everyone's habits have an impact on reaching zero emissions. Energy solutions can be part of your personal green journey.

Produce your own electricity and save today

Solar panels are the best and easiest way to start producing your own 100% clean energy, save on electricity costs and increase the value of your real estate.

We help Eesti Energia's private and business customers to design and install a suitable solar energy solution. We ensure a smooth process from the design of the solar power plant to the final setup and delivery. In addition, we offer a complete solution that ensures the subsequent operation and maintenance of the solar park.

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An independent energy solution for hard-to-reach places

Combining various renewable energy sources (wind, solar, batteries and biodiesel) ensures secure, clean and low-noise energy production for both residential and industrial buildings as well as entire regions.

We have the experience and expertise to provide independent renewable electricity generation systems in areas where access to conventional power network services is limited.

In addition to creating energy solution systems, we have great experience in operating and maintaining them to ensure worry-free and reliable energy use.

Renewable energy solution on Ruhnu Island

Energy solutions for large and small consumers

We can develop complete solutions from a few kilowatts to several megawatts.

Such complete solutions are especially suitable for areas where electricity is generated by diesel generators, but where there is room for building a solar park. Here, it is important to correctly plan the capacities of the production units so that the price of electricity would be optimal, but the production capacity would be at the required volume.

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